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Welcome to Natulux, where luxury living meets nature's beauty. Our project is located in Küçük Erenköy, on a seafront site perched atop a cliff with a unique 270-degree view of the crystal blue sea. At Natulux, we believe that nature is the ultimate luxury, and we have designed this project to embrace stunning natural surroundings while providing the highest standards of modern living. At Natulux, we apply the same high standards that have made Döveç a leading developer on the island. From the initial design stages to the finishing touches, we take pride in every detail of the development process.

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Tatli Su (Greek: Ακανθού / Akanthou), traditionally Akatu, de jure in the Republic of Cyprus It is located in the Famagusta Region and actually in the Famagusta District of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. area is a town. Kyrenia trip 40 km. Located between the remaining Beşparmak Mountains and the Mediterranean coast We will go to the very end of Famagusta. The area of Tatlısu, including agricultural areas It is about 66 km². Mediterranean coastal shores are 22 km. lifetime residence, usually There are cliffs, small beaches and villages. It consists of total immigrants living in Tatlısu. most of the people Cyprus After the operation, in the southwest of Cyprus, some of them migrated from various communities of Turkey. came. Tatlusu's population in the world is around 1500.

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